Have you Outgrown Your Life?

“I just can’t do it anymore.”

This was the first thing that came out of John’s mouth when we got on the phone for coaching.

He told me how he had taken a role ten years ago that at the time he was thinking of as if it were a stepping stone.

“I just don’t know how these ten years got away from me. I told myself that it would be a two year position.”

He was now in a situation where everything was “fine.” It wasn’t like he was about to be fired or anything. Things were just cruising along.

But then I asked him, “then what’s really driving this?”

“I just feel like I’m meant for something more,” he replied.

That’s when I knew he had outgrown his life.

You know you’ve outgrown your life when the things that made you happy before don’t anymore.

For him it was doing his job, spending time with his family, and golf on the weekends.

But now it was time—for what, he didn’t know—but it was time for a change.

As we explored more, he revealed that he was ready to stretch outside the bounds of who he knew himself to be; ready (his words) to become a deeper person than he knew himself to be; ready to step outside what felt easy and comfortable—and outside of what the social conventions told him was “good.”

It was time for John to step into his birthright, and find what he’s really meant to do, and the things that would put the light back into his life.

How about you?

Do you want to find what lights you up?

The thing you’d leap out of bed for?

The thing that no longer feels like work?

This may seem like a pipedream, but others have done it—why not you?

Take a look and see—are there things in your life that used to make you happy, but no longer give you the same joy and satisfaction?

It just might mean you’ve outgrown your life.