The Angel in the Marble: Revealing Your Dormant Gifts

There are two ways to grow.

One is adding, and the other is subtracting.

Adding sounds better, right?

A new skill. A new tip. A new trick. Another tool for your tool belt.

You are now yourself and then some.

But surprisingly, and counter to what you might think, subtracting can actually be the better route towards growth.

When asked how he created the statue of David, Michelangelo famously said, “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.”

Growth and development can be like sculpting—less façade, less resistance, less of what “isn’t you,” which means a greater percentage of what really is you.

There is huge potential to bring out more of your authentic self—as a leader and as a person.

My greatest challenge has always been trying to make decisions from my head, going around and around weighing pros and cons.

And at a certain point, I realized that doesn’t work for me. It only gets me more tangled up in thought.

So I subtracted it from my process. Got rid of it.

And by removing that piece, I made room for something new to emerge—my intuition—which I have discovered to be my most powerful source of inner-knowing.

That’s the power of subtraction—getting rid of what isn’t you to allow more of your true gifts to emerge and blossom.

So now I’ve got a question for you: What isn’t working in your life, and what could you subtract to make space for what lies beneath, waiting to be seen?