It’s time to galvanize your team for elite performance.

But this isn’t possible unless your entire team is working in lockstep. And we all know that that rarely happens.

You know your team isn’t firing on all cylinders (and therefore keeping you from the kind of results you require) when:

  • You’ve got highly talented people, but you can’t seem to get the most out of them
  • Even when individuals do step up, there seems to be a lack of team synergy and flow
  • People commit to projects but then don’t follow through, or do a sub-par job
  • Team members come to you to play the role of “parent” to help them resolve their “sibling-like" conflicts
  • It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel just slogging through daily work and getting nowhere fast


is an opportunity to regroup and reset—
get outside those four walls
and do the deeper work
that’s going to get your team
working together to
achieve your business goals.

If you’re thinking, “Great, I’ll facilitate an offsite for my team next week!,”
I’ve got news for you.

Leading an offsite for your own team is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

You may waste several days, and not make any progress.

Or make your problems worse.

There are many challenges with facilitating your own offsite ...

  • You stay stuck in the superficial team conflicts rather than resolving what’s really going on for your team under the surface.
  • You could be a part of the problem … and facilitating your own offsite will keep you in the dark to your own blind spots.
  • Trying to play a dual role of facilitator, and leader with a perspective, are at cross-purposes and is virtually impossible.
  • If you haven’t facilitated several dozen offsites, you don’t have the skill and perspective that comes from seeing the myriad of ways that things can go wrong—nor developed the best practices for consistent, streamlined success.


Instead, when you hire me, I will help you:

  • Reveal the hidden discord that’s holding your team back from elite performance
  • Allow you to stay in the position of leader and be a full participant in the generative idea process, creating new possibilities and break-away results
  • Identify the one area of focus that will give you and your team 80% of your results
  • Get your team engaged and committed, so you can achieve the big goals you have been aiming for

I’ve seen the challenges of hundreds of teams, and how to move past these challenges to greater alignment and performance.

Now is the time to realize your team’s potential.

Let’s do this together.

Patrick Mork | CMO | Course Hero

"We brought Jim onboard for a 1-day retreat to help us unlock our group's hidden roadblocks. Jim was terrific to work with. He challenged us on our choice of topic, provided constructive feedback for maximizing our session together, and provided very useful and insightful exercises to really get us ready for the session.

During the session itself, Jim played a key role as moderator, pushing us beyond our comfort zones and challenging us while being empathetic, thoughtful and helpful. Everyone in our group got a lot out of Jim's session and guidance and we all came away richer from the experience. I highly recommend Jim for his work, demeanor, and emotional intelligence."

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