Back in 2006, I was a leadership trainer and team development expert

at Oracle, facilitating executives in learning the principles of great leadership.

They were getting good results. But there was something I kept bumping up against.


What I saw was that these leaders were learning to tap into the brilliant

minds of their teams, but were having a hard time tapping into team members’ deeper motivations as well.

As a result, they just weren’t able to pull out that extra level of energy and enthusiasm needed to achieve really extraordinary results.

The leadership principles we were teaching them were valuable, but there was another level of leadership development I knew I could deliver—and I was determined to bring it out to leaders who were hungry for it.

That’s why I left Oracle in 2011 to start BURST Forward.

I realized that the change that was needed would occur at a deeper level than leaders simply learning
new skills.

As a leader, you need to engage the core motivations that are driving your team.


I knew that this was the key to helping them get the exponential results they sought.

I feel truly passionate about helping leaders scale their businesses, and I am gifted in helping you tap into the deeper motivations of your team, and removing any hidden roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving greatness.

This is my calling.

And if you’re on this page, I’m guessing you hear a similar call.

Let’s do this together.

Jim Donovan helps business leaders tap into the full potential of their team. Jim spent more than a decade at Oracle, which is where his experience in leadership development started at Oracle. Starting off in the sales organization, he was repeatedly asked to speak onstage in front of hundreds of people to “rally the troops.” Eventually, he was able to fuse his sales expertise with his passion for teaching, training and leading as he moved into a Leadership Development role at Oracle.

During the next five years, Jim trained over 10,000 people. His work with leaders in the organization made a huge impact as he designed, developed and delivered hundreds of trainings while teaching a global audience. These trainings were focused on empowering leaders to be the most effective and confident versions of themselves as they challenged their teams to hit extraordinary goals.

Jim’s passion for Leadership Development continues as he coaches and trains top executives and teams from companies like Lyft, Hewlett Packard, Novanta, Havas Worldwide, Informatica, and and startups like 15Five.

BURST Forward is the synthesis of his passion for leadership development and helping top executives reach their peak potential. Jim lives and works in San Francisco where in his off time you can find him out hiking, biking and enjoying nature.

"Jim has been a great help to me at various stages in my professional life. He has an incredible ability to dissect and neutralize interpersonal issues that develop in teams and in dynamic environments. When things seemed untenable, his soft touch helped me identify and disarm the underlying charge I was carrying. He is a great coach and I highly recommend him for individual and team coaching."

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